Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Smirnoff And Simian Mobile Disco

This one is going out to my Berlin crüe, which I'm totally sure definitely exists.

Simian Mobile Disco are playing in Berlin on Friday and they're getting a little help from Vodka kings Smirnoff.  By the sounds of things they're creating a pretty cool live show with all sorts of visuals and other crazy shit to freak you out while you're getting your groove on to their sexy tunes.  It seems like Daft Punk have set a good precedent for electro bands as just watching some guys lean over a table for about 90 minutes isn't exactly inspiring, no matter how good the music may be.

But, anyway, why not take a look at a little preview of what they have planned.  I did.

That should be good.  SMD's tunes with Smirnoff co-ordinating the whole 'experience,' and if you've seen any of their latest adverts you can be sure that it will be an experience.

Crazy shit.  But, something that you'd want to do though.

And, if that wasn't enough they've also made these cool speakers:

And, you know, enjoy Smirnoff responsibly, unless it's, like, a really important occasion like a weekday or something.

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