Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Don't you just love it when people are really nice and say stuff that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  I got a bit of that today and it actually made my day.  Not that that is any great achievement, seeing as my day has consisted of playing my Game Boy, quick visit to the shops and the gym.

Rock and roll.

Actually, that's a lie, I have done some rock and roll stuff.  Mainly learning how to play Daft Punk and Justice on the piano.  I'm not doing to badly for someone with no previous musical experience, but my brain does go into a bit of a meltdown when I try to play left and right hand at the same time.

This weekend as I'm sure you're all aware was a super important and sacred weekend for many.  That's right, it saw the launch of ViceStyle and I must say it does look rather impressive and sleek.  Personally, I was immediately drawn to the news item regarding some super awesome Air Jordan 1 Retro KO Hi shoes, but it seems I've missed out.  There are also some cool converses too.

Anyhow, it's also jam-packed full of other cool stuff, including an interview with Jean-Charles de Castalbajac.  Yeah, me neither, but there's nothing wrong with us music geeks branching out and learning about all cool stuff and not just the music side. 

Turns out he has some pretty crazy designs, the lego inspired suit being a personal highlight, and ideas which has helped him to become revered all over and has helped inspire designers like Jeremy Scott.  Even I've heard of him.

Also, his Triumph of the Sign exhibition saw him combine some 'old masters' with some modern brand logos which can have quite an unsettling effect on the viewer as it is quite frightening to see the rapid rise of the consumerist culture and how it is able to permeate all aspects of life and culture.

Happy reading.

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