Monday, 19 April 2010

Back To Life ... Like A PHOENIX From The Flames

Finding the motivation to work today is not easy at all, sometimes I just feel like I'm Too Young because I just can't focus my mind off Summer Days or those Party Times.  It's not always like his though, sometimes I'm just On Fire and it feels like me and maths are on a Honeymoon.  I really need to make sure that these days are more common because the School's Rules mean I have to pass my exams and if I don't do my work, then the exams are going to be a real Embuscade.  But, if I focus now for the next 6 weeks I will be able to do all the Funky Squaredance-ing I want, If I Ever Feel Better that is, and I will be able to take some Definitive Breaks from study.

Bring on the summer Heatwave!

Last night, my Dad was telling me that I had to Run Run Run a marathon one day after my Uncle ran the Brighton marathon yesterday (Congratulations!).  He said that he wanted to make it a tradition and that my cousin should do it too.  Running a marathon would be a good experience, but if you're reading this, If It's Not With You then I'm not interested beacuse I want us to be Holdin' On Together as we cross that finish line, but also in Alphabetical order so that I win.  But, getting into a marathon isn't easy since there is such high demand and if unfortunately you don't make it, You Can't Blame It On Anybody.  It would be disappointing to be rejected, but hardly the end of the world, I mean it's not like you're a Victim Of The Crime.  But, I bet if I said, 'Hey, I'm An Actor,' then I'd get accepted straight away.  It's not fair how celebrities get treated and how they're always taking our Love For Granted, but I guess just like Everything Is Everything, that's just how it is.  And a Congratulations Revisted to everyone else who has done something to raise money for charity.

What about this volcano nonsense?  For those living on Mars, a volcano in Iceland, a country somewhere in the North, has caused huge disruptions to air travel in Europe.  Air space has been shut all over Europe, this sort of disruption really is Second To None.  At first I really wasn't bothered since it didn't affect me at all, until it cause the postponement of the Crystal Castles gig tomorrow.  Watch out Iceland, you've now crossed me One Time Too Many!  Although I'm sure if we Rally round and make a few Long Distance Calls we can sort something out.  It's like Napoleon Says, 'Le mot impossible n'est pas français.'  Although there are a few Consolation Prizes: I get to watch the football, I save some money and my leather jacket won't get lost and end up in some sort of Lost And Found.  But, honestly I'd rather go and there's not a lot you could do to cheer me up, not even some Courtesy Laughs for a really bad joke would help.  On the bright side they will still be playing in a months time, but I'd have to wait until after festival season which means I can't get first listen of their new album and the weather won't be nice, because Sometimes In The Fall the evenings can be wet and cold, but not in May.

I reckon I need to get myself into a band.  I don't think my lack of musical ability will hold me back much, drumming looks pretty easy, right?  It would be great to see crowds going wild in front of you, like a hipster Lisztomania.  If I was in a band I'd be able to go to places like Rome, be on New Years Countdown shows and I'd surely be able to get myself a Girlfriend without having to use my pulling Lasso.  I could write songs for her and say that I want this to be a Love Like A Sunset.  Then, when our band gets mega-huge we can wade into political business and call for an Armistice and talk about how we need to bring down the Fences that separate us.  Although, I think we'd have to be together for at least 1901 weeks before we can generate this sort of influence.  Sounds too  much like hard work to me.


  1. Haha, awesome!
    How long did that take you to come up with?

  2. Thanks!
    It just came to me when I was 'working' this afternoon and only took me about 30 or 40 minutes.